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Kiala Kanzi and Selassie have been inseparable since meeting on a collaborative project, it was their love for art, creation and performance that brought them together. Now, the artists are “extending what was always there and uniting what always made sense,” using their own creative collective called 1+1 as a medium. This time, and as an opening to their journey of artistic collaborations, Kanzi and Selassie paint a playful and unique mural, while photographer Sol Bela documents it as a performance.

Both being artists – Kanzi designs jewellery while Selassie produces music –, the duo started this project as a couple and with a common approach: "I feel like doing stuff in form of a circle or unity is a natural way to grow stronger together as partners," Kiala explains. This way, the piece they recently created is a mural but also a poem inspired by the couple, hence another circle is closed.

“We didn’t know what was gonna happen, nor did we plan anything, I guess this is the expression of a moment, of all the feelings felt and all the present energies.” In other words, “I guess the piece is us,” Kanzi affirms. Both artists possess a special need to create and this is what becomes a great source of inspiration for them. As Selassie explains, it all started with waking up and wanting to paint, “I like the fact that I can start on the left side and Kiala on the right side and we meet in the middle where all makes sense.” As intimate as it seems, Kanzi and Selassie created a piece that reminds us of the power of trust, strong feelings, and the art of performing while mixing all of these harmoniously.

Romina Román

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