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In only one minute and a half, young filmmaker, Mireia Farran, is able to convey and explore a world of emotions. Language of Strangers is an autobiographical story that candidly combines the complexity of frustrations that arise from the language barrier within a relationship with the simplicity of the raw human attraction that they feel for one another.

She speaks English; he speaks French. And despite their differences, they love each other. But how long can a relationship last without proper communication? “I like to think that raw human attraction is always more powerful,” says the filmmaker, who based this short film on a personal experience. “This is a completely autobiographical story, but it also explores some of my other obsessions, such as the communication between people and the barriers that language imposes on us.”

“It is incredible how verbal language helps us to understand ourselves more in-depth,” Mireia adds. “To understand nuances or even something as simple as being able to describe our emotions.” However, the characters in Language of Strangers learn to speak the language of feelings, of sensations, of intimacy. A non-verbal communication we’ve all spoken and understood at some point. “I don’t think that we know each other at all, but through the days I felt his body like home, like a place that I had been before,” says the girl in the video.

But that doesn’t always last forever. “What can we do with all the things that can’t be said clearly? Must we pass them over in silence?” she wonders. Misunderstandings lead to fights, and those fights can lead to heartbreak. So how can we stop that? As Mireia concludes, “With will, all souls can be known.”

Clara Izquierdo

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