Some time ago we introduced you Symetria Concept, a sustainable fashion brand from New Zealand with a continued commitment to producing high-quality and low-impact products. Now, they launch their eighth collection inspired by the Three Sisters stand-alone rock formations, located on the west coast of New Zealand. The formations reflect a hardness that contrasts with the sinuous forms of the terrain that change subtly. Something that remains so strong for millennia that slowly wears out.
This inspiration is not only seen in the shapes and colour palette, they have also created prints such as the Steppe Print or the Abrasion Print. Exclusive to Symetria, these hand-painted prints are transferred onto a beautiful silk crepe, which stands out throughout the collection. They draw inspiration from nature, rock formations and weathered shapes that scatter the land and that are contrasted with sunsets that show blissful serenity. With simplicity and practicality in mind, this season's versatile pieces are designed to transform and enhance a wardrobe for years. Check out some of our favourite looks below.
Symetria Concept 4.jpg
Symetria Concept 3.jpg
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