At the last Pitti edition, G-STAR unveiled their summer 2013 collection, showcasing ultimate denim innovations, including new wash, new proportions, and new propositions. We had the opportunity to talk to Pierre Morisset, head designer from G-STAR, he tell us about his vision of tradition, history and the label latest discoveries.
"The China Blue is the ancestor of denim, it was the clothes that sailors, especially Italian and French, were wearing. Italian and French sailors who went to China and India for business, wore these blue clothes, clothes they find there, and traded in ports. China Blue is the ancestor of jean and it seemed interesting to develop it in our collections. The color produced with the technique of China Blue, is an intense blue that get old and used very slowly, much slower than regular blue jeans," says Morisset.
How did you get to this collection?
This time again, we did many experiments that gave birth to this new collection based on the beauty of the fabric China Blue, going from navy blue, to deep, to almost black, in pure cotton. The quality of this new old material is extraordinary, and the fit impeccable. We intend with this new collection to follow our role of innovation in the denim's world, and thanks to the incorporation of the China Blue, I think we opened a new page of G-Star story.
What does 'Blue' inspire you?
The sky, and the sea. Beauty and danger.
It's an ingenious and technical invention to save the indigo dye. The jean is blue and white for economy and not discolor on the legs.
For me is the respect of the past, of ancestors, and passion.
I hope to have still enough time to invent new things.
Make others discover what was done yesterday, and before. It's to gather informations from the past and actualize them in their original beauty.