Nearly 3 years since her last solo exhibition, New York-based Taiwanese artist John Yuyi is hosting her first solo exhibition in her hometown of Taipei. The artist, who has collaborated with brands like Gucci and Nike, is introducing a new medium to her name; installation art. Bringing her unique perspectives on the world of social media and identity, Yuyi’s first installation-focused exhibition titled Eye Sees No Lashes, explores the borderless world of using physical spaces to create an ‘off canvas’ approach to her work. The exhibition is presented by the Tao Art gallery, and today, you get to see her give an exclusive walk through of it, as well as a Q& A, alongside curator Robin Peckham on her Instagram page.
Yuyi’s work has provided her with an outlet to navigate the edge between fashion and art. Known for what many people call her tattoo art, photography and social media presence, she uses the human body as a canvas to showcase her work. Her artistic style combines her experience working with fashion and the satire drawn from her own candid personality to present pieces that are authentic and personal. Her newest exhibition explores interacting with her art on a more intimate scale through her creation of installation pieces. The exhibition steps outside of the borderless sphere of the digital world, highlighting the texture and movement of each piece.

During her time in isolation, Yuyi found time to focus on creation, descending into new ways of creating. Breaking from her usual creative methodology, Yuyi found an alternative approach to bridge the connection between the human body and the social media world through the use of space as her canvas. Using the latitude, she tests out materials beyond her usual realm, presenting her work in a real-life immersive style.

Yuyi brings a touch of her unique artistic personality; continuing her fascination and experimentation with the human body, the 'eye' is the central element of the exhibition. Exploring the relationships between skin, body and the human persona, Yuyi creates a visual paradigm to the notion of seeing and being seen. Similar to her tattoo art, she manifests pieces of herself into her installation work. As a nod to the title, Eye Sees No Lashes, it features a life-sized mannequin fashioning a digitally-printed gown with three-meter-long blue hair attached at the eyes on the floor at the base of the piece. This work comes as a tribute to Yuyi’s removal of her three years of blue hair in 2020.
John Yuyi's solo exhibition Eye Sees No Lashes is now on view at Taipei City’s Tao Art gallery until February 20.
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