Ever since her jittering, mattress-squeaking club track Vibe went viral in 2019, Cookiee Kawaii hasn't stopped working to gain a foothold in the current music scene. Having almost two million monthly listeners on Spotify and surpassing tens of millions of streams on some of her releases, the artist now presents her new single, Let Me Rock, teaming up with Rocky Snyda. The queer artist and genre-fluid enigma takes us on a journey through a track full of nuances inviting us to feel every twist, turn, and tease of your wildest girl-on-girl fantasy.
Immersing the listener in a euphoric world of seductive beats and velvety-dipped sonics, her new release hides an almost mesmerizing energy that leaves no one indifferent. “It's for people who love club music but want more of an R&B vibe,” says the New Jersey-based artist when asked about her new single, in which she joins forces with Rocky Snyda to add an extra energy dose. The track is part of Cookiee Kawaii's upcoming album Club Soda. Vol. 3, with which she promises to make us part of an unprecedented adventure through sound.

The vocalist's stylistic range cuts across Jersey club, R&B, and rap, and at the intersection of them all Kawaii shapes her own musical style in which her personality shines through. After peeking above the underground New Jersey, she's now ready to reach clubs across the globe. Listeners from all continents are looking forward to embarking on the sound journey with the artist, who takes us on an exciting trip as if it was a roller coaster speeding up and slowing down, like life itself. Moments of different intensities make life (and music) a very stimulating place where it is impossible to get bored.