Constance Boutet was born in Paris in 1982. Quickly she turned to the applied arts and studied at ESMOD and the French Institute of Fashion. In 2005, during Fashion Week, she presented her creations at a fashion show sponsored by the Fondation Pierre Berger – Yves Saint-Laurent. Working for a time for maisons such us Jay Ahr, Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton and Céline, Constance specializes in creating printed on silk after three years in China. In 2011 she launched her first eponymous line. First look at Constance’s fabulous second collection!
How did everything start for you really?
I was working at Louis Vuitton when it truly hit me that I wanted to fly on my own, it took me two years more to prepare and realize but it was worst it.
How did you form the Constance Boutet heroine/woman you dress? Who is this woman?
There is a woman I am inspired by what I want to wear but I am really attracted by girls with strong personality mixed with an angel face, I like to think my garments will go from the bold lesbian to the classical politician.
How do you justify – in three words – your own aesthetic ?
Free, colourful, strong.
What is the most important thing a young designer must know?
I know few designer that doesn't know pattern making and do it well but I feel it's easy to go in circle when you don't have the knowledge of the structure.
How does your background, your roots reflect in what you do?
I grew up in an Architect family and I oriented myself in my early age in artistic field, I think that is why I like to “paint on my design”.
You have a very personal way in approaching fashion. Do you see yourself more an artist rather than designer?
I wouldn't say that. Art has to be really disconnected from the reality, I see myself more as an artisan who likes to go a bit crazy with her prints.
What is the process you have followed for your first collection?
I started with the rorschach stain test (the psychological one), I like the movement made by ink and the fact you can see whatever you like depending on your mood and your background. I started with scarves and made a complete collection from the same pattern.
What is the starting point of a Constance Boutet collection, material or idea?
It's really both coming together, I can have an idea but the material will for sure change it a lot.
How do people react to your first collection?
Strongly, some loved it others hated it. I was really happy to avoid soft or polite reaction. if there is something that I don't want to do its mainstream.
What shall we expect from you in the near future?
My next collection will be a mix of decency and indecency inspired by the border between California and Mexico.
Do you borrow from fashion design history ?
Not really for the shapes, I am not a very nostalgic person. But for the knowledge and technics it is a must to know what is possible.
The last thing (exhibition, travel, song, book...) that have inspired you ?
My travel to Scotland this winter, I loved the atmosphere in the highlands the light changing all twenty minutes, the darkness and beauty of Edinburg, it is really a strong and deep culture.