Formed by ex models Clayton Webster, a Newport Beach native, and the Burgundy-born Flavie Webster, Cerre is a name you should be aware of as it will crop up again many times in the future. Based in Los Angeles, California, the couple meld the easygoing West Coast manner with French savoir faire to build a creative universe that captivates with just a glance. Noble materials such as leather and silk, materialize the ideas of this couple with a special and unique aesthetic sense.
During their visit to NYC to present their SS14 Collection, we were received by Cerre. Our conversation about fashion, technique, tradition and cold summers was held in an atmosphere infused with nervous hope.
What led you to create your own fashion firm?
We always designed and created in different media. We chose fashion because it encompasses all of our passions for design, from the actual collection to the films, soundtracks and interior design of our store. We are able to explore many different visual and philosophical languages and bring them together, cinematically.
The fact that you have had experience in the world of fashion, does it affect your business vision?
Yes,definitely. Time and experience bring insight into your own vision as well as to what is happening in your world. Business is really a testing ground for ideas, it is interesting to see how to make your own vision work within a framework.
Cerre is more than a firm, it's a concept. Could we even say its a philosophy or a way of understanding reality?
I think it is important to have a strong philosophical foundation or raison d'etre. For us, we started with a kind of mantra "Beauty is Sacred, Craft is Ritual, Quality is Law". We found approaching things ritualistically made the creative process a lot easier by immediately eliminating anything unnecessary in the design process.
Tell me about your experience with MOMA? The video is amazing.
If you are referring to the video with the model in it, that was made for For the video we used some generative scripting to come up with an evolving pattern which was also used as a print in the collection as well as becoming the framework for the three loops that were included in the MOMA Pop Rally Exhibition.
How do you distribute the creative process?
There is a lot of nail biting and hair pulling involved. Flavie is more instinctual when it comes to the pieces and how they work with the body. I am more involved in the overall vision and execution of specific conceptual details and then there is even more nail biting and hair pulling.
What is your inspiration for the next summer collection?
For our SS14 collection, we wanted to explore those other moments one experiences at the beach. We drew a lot on Flavie's childhood memories of the beaches in southern France, the muted tones of the mist covered sea, the silky breeze on your skin, the feeling of tranquility and the contemplative state that evoked by the lull of the ocean.
I want to imagine myself on the coast after a ride with in one of these fantastic dresses. What music is playing?
Ash Ra Tempel - Day Dream
Oneohtrix Point Never - When I get back from New York
Sensations Fix - Faux Batard ( Boxes Paradise Version )
Gene Clark - No Other
Emeralds -Diotima 
Pascal Comelade, David Cunningham - Musique Par Correspondance I-V
Harmonia - Dino
Black Bananas - Rad Times
Marsona - Top Down New Rims
Funkadelic - Maggot Brain