Has it ever happened to you that you’ve met a persona that you instantly connected with, had incredible chemistry, even dated and engaged in a relationship, but just wasn’t the right time in your lives? It may remind you a lot of Past Lives, last year’s successful film by Celine Song. Or it might remind you of personal experiences, of those of close people to you. Well, it’s happened to Zach Bailey too, and he sings about that in his new single, See Ya Next Time, out now. “You’ve got your dreams / And I’ve got mine / I hope it’s not farewell / It’s see you next time,” he sings in the chorus.
Speaking of the feel-good song, Bailey explains: “See Ya Next Time is an optimistic look on the future after a recent breakup.  I wrote this song the week after my last partner and I decided to go our separate ways. Although moving on was difficult, writing and performing this excites me for what's next!” Indeed, the future ahead might look very dark at the beginning, and you might want to cry yourself to sleep with Adele as the background. But there’s always a silver lining, and after that period, happier feelings bloom just like flowers in spring.
With this new single, the Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter, tour manager, and even drag queen, sheds new light on the ever-present topic of heartbreak. See Ya Next Time has an energetic beat that puts you to dance and lyrics that make you look to the bright side of life. So let’s keep on going!