The Beijing-based jewellery studio Yvmin unveiled their magical and etherial Spring/Summer 2023 campaign disclosing their latest jewellery line Paradise; the key element of the collection: gemstone miniature teddy-bears. The campaign unveils the artistic and romantic character of Yvmin as pink pastel tones, soft toys and a range of rabbit sculptures bring a mystical aura and avant-garde aesthetic to the shoot directed by University of the Arts London graduate and photographer Yuanbo Li.
The duo designer Xiaoyu Zhang and Min Li graduated from Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2012 and established the conceptual jewellery atelier Yvmin straight after their graduation. Self-described as a “body decoration lab,” the duo captures poetic romances with jewellery as the main carrier for self expression and combine untraditional materials and experimental methods to come up with sublime bijouterie. The images capture model Chen Xue welcoming the New Year as she is photographed riding a large-scale rabbit sculpture. The New Year serves as a transition between Chinese zodiac signs and with 2022 coming to an end, Yvmin tributes the Year of the Rabbit in their new campaign.
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