Even though many people find solace in being sad, but the liberating feeling of getting over someone and moving on from them is what should bring comfort to our hearts. If you can’t seem to find strength to do so, just listen to Yarin Glam’s latest single, Burn It Down, a pop song featuring the Los Angeles-based singer’s ethereal vocals and lyrics as cold as “I feel alive tonight / May god be by your side / It feels so right.” Bring it on!
Of course, getting to that point isn’t an easy feat. When our heart is shattered and all hope seems lost, it’s normal to feel down for a while. But little by little, we have to put those little pieces together and build ourselves up from the ground again. Challenging but necessary, isn’t it? For Burn It Down, her latest single and first release of 2024, Yarin Glam draws inspiration for a story that struck close to home: that of her sister and her exboyfriend. Speaking of it, the singer shares: “She’s a person that owns herself 100%, she loves her crazy side and she’ll always say it. Burn It Down is a song where you can own your ‘crazy’ and celebrate it.”
The craziness she talks about is really present in the lyrics, where she tells the exlover she’s so over him. “I’m crazy, I know it, I like it / Won’t change it / Don’t care if you mind it,” Yarin beautifully sings in the chorus. But she has more to say to the guy who betrayed her and but still thinks he’s missed in her life: “You talk all that shit / Lies from your lips / Think I’d be crying / And think you’d be missed / and I don’t even talk about you / Won’t think won’t shed a tear without you.” Oops, that hurts.