Australian artist, Kate W. Martin, better known in the music world as Winifred, has been teasing her new EP for months. After previewing it with three music videos, each corresponding to one of the five songs on the project, Winifred has finally unveiled the remaining pieces of the puzzle. Today, she has released Carpet of Flowers, her second EP, allowing her fans to fully appreciate the complete work that has been generating so much anticipation. This release not only meets expectations but also allows her followers to connect all the previously released elements, enjoying the unified and meticulously crafted set that defines this new chapter in her musical career.
The lead single is Carpet Of Flowers. The artist reveals that the song was conceived in May 2023 while walking through Islington, listening to poetry. It has a dark yet harmonious vibe, inspired by how human life resembles the delicacy of nature. It talks about feeling trapped and the inevitable longing or craving for something new when in such a situation, desiring to break with everything, yet acknowledging our fragility. The song takes you through various phases, from low moments to those of empowerment, creating a balanced symbiosis between the two concepts.
The other songs were already known, as she began releasing them a year ago. Fixed On You is the second track on the EP and captivates from the start with her sweet voice and a beat that immediately enthralls. It serves as a declaration of love, explaining to her ‘honey’ how crazy she is about them. Following this is Blue Fire, the chillest but nonetheless excellent track. With lines like “You left a burn on the inside/ Burn up like a blue fire/ It’s gonna take some time,” it’s clear what the song discusses. We’ve all been in that position at some point. Want it Bad critiques or mocks the precarious music business and You Know How This Ends concludes the EP in the most raw and sincere manner.
In each music video, Winifred stands out with her unique dances that always match the theme of the song. It’s no surprise to see a carpet of flowers in the video for the single that gives the name to the EP, and a palette of blues in Blue Fire. You can enjoy her music on Fortnite Radio with the single Into The Night, and recently, also in the SHISEIDO "Ginza Night” fragrance commercial. With such a promising EP, it will definitely be interesting to see where her career goes from here. We’ll be watching.