Copenhagen based creative agency and online retailer We Are The Faces is responsible for the latest merger between art and fashion. The first collection of the Danish agency is curated by visual artist and spatial designer Anny Wang, known for her eye-catching 3D hyperreal digital illustrations, who has worked with illustrator Tim Lahan and graphic designer Felix Pfäffli to create three different and unique mini collections free of any gender, season or trends conventions.
Amanda Karijord and Hannah Gutkauf, founders of We Are The Faces, met during a trip in New York. They now live in Copenhagen and Vienna and work together with creative minds to produce unique and wereable clothing. A first glimpse into their ambitious project launches on March 17th and will be available online on their site.
For the launch event, the brand has teamed up with Khora, the world’s first virtual reality space, located in Copenhagen. The collection will be experienced for the first time in a totally immersive VR action that adds a new dimension to fashion, allowing the public to interact with the artwork.
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