Back in February this year, Waiting for Smith released the four-track EP, Small Things. But he was just getting started. Only a couple of months later and now we have new music by the British artist. This time, he’s releasing the single Raised Up, which he describes as “a ceremonial song, an ancient idea of gathering together round a fire to eat, laugh, rejoice, and share medicine.” Listen here!
After having an accident while skiing on the French Alps and spending an entire year in bed recovering, the artist started songwriting and learnt to play the guitar, which is how Waiting for Smith (born Harry Lloyd) originated. Now, with several EPs and singles out there, and having toured across Europe and North America, it feels like he has been doing it forever. That’s what they call happy accidents, don’t they?
With Raised Up, Lloyd’s new single, he goes back to humankind’s roots, focusing on what truly matters and asking listeners to stop for a second to reflect on what it is that is important for them via mellow melodies and his touching voice. Giving more insight into the song, he explains: “It’s a song that connects the listener to the idea of an alternative reality. A more conscious life, where we raise up to our greatest potential, free of the ego, our limitations for even a just moment we realise that we allow our stories to define who we are and what we become.”
Raised Up is the first single off of his upcoming album, set to see the light during the year, even though further details are yet to be revealed. What is already out there are his upcoming tour dates, which will bring Waiting for Smith to main cities across Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the UK, and France from April 24th to June 13th. So if you’re in London, Paris, Berlin, Glasgow, Bristol, Vienna, or so, make sure to see him live. Your heart will melt.