A prominent producer within the French rap scene, Vladimir Cauchemar adopts a poppy ease and cutesiness with latest single Snow is Falling, out now via Universal Music France. With an ear for deftly drawn melodies, Cauchemar melds genres such as electro pop and balearic house with this release, a different turn from prior productions. It's an interesting soundscape that contrasts with his ever worn skull mask and generally dark sound that he has become known for.
The visualiser that accompanies Snow is Falling sees a distant figure, presumably Cauchemar, romping in the snow beside a gigantic replica of his classic skull mask. Its an off kilter and dark snowglobe, had this song come out in December it could be seen as an unusual Christmas jingle offering for those with a slightly darker taste than say, Mariah Carey.

For Cauchemar, who is steadily climbing in listeners across Spotify and social media sites, Snow is Falling, is a romantic and breathy track, primed for radio globally, plucking of strings paired with the refrain, “the snow is falling,” is sweetly romantic; extreme easy listening. In his own words, “I wrote this song with a Spanish guitar feel in mind and to juxtapose it with a feeling of warmth amongst the cold winter nights.”