In the pulsating heart of the club scene, where self-expression thrives and individuality reigns supreme, one jewellery brand stands out as the embodiment of this electric culture. Vitaly, known for its unique fusion of style and self-expression, has unveiled its latest collection, and it's a homage to the rhythm, the beat, and the spirit of the dance floor. Welcome to BPM.
Since its inception, Vitaly has been intimately linked with the vibrant club world, where music, fashion, and self-discovery collide. The BPM collection draws inspiration from the rich history of clubwear and the captivating aesthetics of the dance floor. It's a magnetic tapestry that weaves together influences from the gritty sounds of Detroit and Berlin's underground scenes, the neon-infused fervour of '90s rave and acid house, and the dazzling crystals and charms that adorn the modern festival mainstage.

However, what sets this collection apart is not just the jewellery itself but the way it's showcased. Vitaly's accompanying campaign goes beyond the conventional fashion norms. Instead of models and carefully curated styling, it's a raw, authentic celebration of self-expression. Shot live at Pep Rally, one of Toronto's most cherished raves, the pieces come to life as they're worn by real people, each with their unique outfits and personalities. There are no models, no stylists, no elaborate hair and makeup teams – just the pure, unadulterated essence of individuality, set to the relentless thump of the bass echoing in the background.

In a statement from Zack Vitiello, the brand's Creative Director, he eloquently captures the essence of Vitaly and the BPM collection: "For me, Vitaly has always belonged inside of the club. For the first few years that the brand existed, everything we did—both personally and professionally—centred around club music. At sweat-soaked afterhours, our founder Shane would give strangers the rings off his own fingers if they complimented his jewellery. In this organic way, Vitaly spread through our city and beyond. These formative years shaped us not only as a brand but as people. Inspired by the long, rich history of clubwear and club aesthetics, the BPM collection occupies a special place for all of us at Vitaly. It is a return to the dance floor, where it all began."

The collection is more than just jewellery; it's a revival of an era, a celebration of self-expression, and a testament to the enduring spirit of the club culture that Vitaly has always been an integral part of. With this collection, they invite you to rediscover the dance floor, embrace the beat, and adorn yourself with pieces that speak not only to your style but to your unique identity.

So, as the lights dim, the music swells, and the bass reverberates through your very being, allow Vitaly's BPM collection to accompany you on your journey of self-expression, reminding you that the dance floor is where it all begins and where your true self shines the brightest. The first drop includes pieces such as The Stronghold, The Lovesick, and The Temper, available online and at the flagship boutiques (LA & Toronto), with more to come this fall.
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