Far from being just another jewellery brand, Vitaly is a project resulting from materialising a contemporary vision in which experimentation and craftsmanship are understood as a skill that must be preserved, and where the defence of the eradication of gender barriers converge. Now, coinciding with the brand's 10th anniversary since its founding in 2011, they launch their first environmentally conscious eyewear collection under the title The Matrix. Cyber-inspired designs that look to the future, making this accessory a coveted item loaded with personality and meaning.
From their recognisable earrings that seem to be melting to the impressive chains or rings that leave no one indifferent, the Toronto-based experimental design studio has been able to make accessories, seen as architectural pieces in which aesthetics and emotion go hand in hand. It is essential for all those who promote a gender-free and sustainable future. And its commitment to respect the environment is a constant, linked to the use of progress in artificial intelligence, robotics and production methods. Their new collection of sunglasses is proof of this.

With an angular frame shape that takes us directly to the world of computing, futurism and the coexistence of human beings with other unknown species, the sunglasses have semi-flat lenses and a detachable neck chain, which shows once again that design should not be separated from functionality. These details, in addition to its firm commitment to environmental respect, resulted in a 100% recycled stainless steel construction and Green Nylon lenses made from 39% plant oils and a faux-leather soft case, making a unique accessory that transcends what is perceptible to the human eye.

The campaign, directed by Vitaly's creative director, Zack Vitiello, makes Klein blue their favourite background, through images in which still shots are complemented by motion pictures. Plenty of options with which to explore the potential of this new proposal that promises to lead to new ones very soon, and that can now be purchased on their website.
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