The trio Violet Sands, comprising Deidre Muro’s vocals (of Deidre & the Dark), David Perlick-Molinari’s production, and derek muro’s arrangements, has unveiled their latest single, are you still watching? via toucan sounds. Technological anxiety reminiscent of the Y2K era arises while listening to the track as it narrates a story where a streaming service becomes self-aware and begins to hypnotise its viewership.
With atmospheric layers, stark guitar riffs, and a springy drum beat, are you still watching? evokes the haunting electronic sounds of artists like Portishead and Massive Attack while maintaining a modern edge. The "blue light mix" of the song intensifies the technological glitches and sense of isolation, incorporating a U.K. Garage-inspired rhythm section that adds a unique dimension.
derek muro is a composer and producer with a deep background in music, influenced by his mother, a church music director, and his father, an electronic music pioneer. His career began in Bushwick, New York, and he has since gained recognition for his work in film and interactive media. Known for blending ambient, classical, and electronic elements, muro’s notable projects include the albums cues (2021) and chronopolis (2023), the latter exploring time and technology. After multiple jaunts to Los Angeles, he finally relocated there, leaving the band hopping between two locations. 
Violet Sands crafts music that serves as a soundtrack to life’s transitions and blends nostalgia with the present day. Since their beginnings in 2016 with low-key SoundCloud tracks, they have released the Strange Attractor EP and their debut album, Hotel. The band’s sound continues to evolve in 2024 as they stretch their creative process bicoastally between Brooklyn and Los Angeles.