If you love ‘90s music, rap, and R&B, this one’s for you. Chicago-born Vi City has released a new album, So Now What .., a ten-track record with songs inspired by the process of self-discovery that comes after a break up. On a podcast, the singer recently said that if his previous album, Hotels & Heartbreaks, was “my Mona Lisa, this would be my Sistine Chapel,” in reference to Leonardo da Vinci’s accomplished masterworks. Featuring songs as well as short audio recordings, So Now What .. is a raw, honest album that delves into the feelings, growth, and identity of Vi City.
Speaking further of the record, the artist says: “I’m proud of this. I press play on it against anybody and it’s going to give you a vibe. I’m out of my heartbreak stage. I’m in my healing era.” It’s just a natural process, of course. And even though heartbreak has given the world many incredible songs and albums, looking at the silver lining and overcoming that grief is just equally inspiring. With infectious melodies, touching lyrics, and heartfelt emotions that are conveyed throughout the songs, So Now What .. is an album to play in any stage of your life to feel empowered and connect with yourself on a deeper level. The album flows like a climax starting with subjects of frustration, self doubt, and misery as it cascades into an awakening of self.
It opens with more of a skit than a song, titled Starts @ Self, which is followed by one of the standout tracks, In Mode. It starts with a piano, very intimate and touching. And halfway through, it becomes a rap song with an incredible bass. Then it’s the turn of Nothing For You and U Deserve, also leaning on the more rap side of the album. And then, the first half of the album arrives with Toxic Relationships, another audio recording when we hear a woman tell Vi: “I think she likes toxic relationships,” to what he answers,  “You think so?” These conversations (there’s a third one, Radical Honesty) “act as check points as the artist converses with a new fling unpacking the troubles of the past and the artist tendencies to gravitate towards women who break his heart.”
The second half of the album starts with Icyy, the only song with collabs, where he sings together with artists Ari Stylez, Phoînix Keyz, and Mike J. All of their styles and voices complement each other’s, and they create an incredible sonic experience. In Him Special, it’s Vi City’s voice that takes over, with a minimal background production that allows the listener to focus on the singer’s vocals and lyrics. The two finishing tracks are Ms Jackson and It’s Mine, which also showcase Vi’s velvety voice, which warms up our hearts.