Like contemporary decorations you would put inside your home, the geometrically shaped and always thoughtful footwear of United Nude adds to every wearer's outfit. The brand, under the creative direction of architect-turned-designer Rem D Koolhaas, makes you feel a sense of accuracy and certainty with every single pair. The brainchild of the Dutch multifaceted creative force, United Nude keeps surprising us by going one step further with its latest collection.
The new Fall/Winter 2017 campaign, filmed at Tuve in Hong Kong, follows the fast-moving lead of the brands carefree protagonist as she explores the dark corners of the urban and minimalist hotel, in the company of refreshing techno beats. Unique textures and shapes – the signature of the labels shoes – once again blend nicely with exquisite materials. Two new designer collaborations, with Japanese brand Issey Miyake and London-based eyewear label Linda Farrow, also compliment the graphically-inspired offering.

“This collection represents a confident woman who is not afraid to express her femininity, and is strong and independent,” Rem states, and he hereby summarizes the vibe that this season’s footwear transmits. Experiments with geometry presented as heels for a femme fatale, or platform boots for a socialite of the middle European rave scene. Wearing a model of United Nude may not always be the simplest choice, but is for sure the one that earns you some looks on the dancefloor, at a dinner night out or even in the office.
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