Yes, we do have fashion in Russia. Maybe you heard about Vika Gazinskaya or Ulyana Sergeenko, who are both street-style icons and designers. Take a look at the Russian underground fashion scene.
Nina Donis is probably the oldest conceptual russian brand. Nina Neretina and Donis Puoppis, who've started their own brand in 2000, are included in "Fashion Now - I-D selected the world's 150 most infuental fashion designers". Find more on
Our hot flash is Christina Abdeeva – a young designer (and photographer of one of the shoots), who knows everything about weird fabrics and closely experimenting with denim.
Gosha Rubchinskiy is both a photographer and fashion designer, whose collection are currently produced by Comme des Garçons. Learn more about the most enigmatic russian brand on
A self-tought young designer Dan Subbotkin has just started his line of sweaters with dragons, cats and folk russian flowers. More on
A former stylist Artur Lomakin launched his own label Forget me not few years ago. He started with giving a new life to vintage clothes - he's now working at cutting and geometrical forms. Find his new collection on
T-shirt Gosha Rubchinskiy, pants & sweatshirt Nina Donis | Dress & trousers Nina Donis, shoes Kixbox
Headpiece Masha Efremenko, suit Nina Donis | Coat Abdeeva
Sweater Forget Me Not, pants and shorts Nina Donis | Sweater Forget me not pants Kixbox
Coat Forget Me Not, scarf Gosha Rubchinskiy | Sweater Gosha Rubchinskiy, skirt Abdeeva
Sweater Gosha Rubchinskiy, pants Nina Donis | Cap Stussy, poloneck Nina Donis, trousers Forty Two, shoes Kixbox
Vest Abdeeva, trousers Nina Donis | Sweater Gosha Rubchinskiy, jacket Abdeeva, shorts Abdeeva, shoes Fessura
                                  First photos: Sweater For Kings Only | Jacket Dan Subbotkin, pants Nina Donis