Since they founded the band in 2007, TUYS hasn't stopped creating driving art rock and emotional psych-pop music with chiming guitars, synths, and wide-ranging vocals. Adapting to the successive paradigm shifts, seeing how trends changed at full speed in the last decade and managing to stay closely connected to their audience, they have remained true to their essence. Now they’re releasing their new album Reality Management Ltd. after preparing the grounds with five singles over the last months. And the music comes with a short film that leaves no one indifferent.
In the music video that comes along with the focus track of their recently released album, How To Breathe Underwater, TUYS turn into Reality Management Ltd., a company selling reality shows to frustrated clients. The subject they address through music, emphasized by the visual piece, is not far from the reality we are currently living in, in which the limits between what is true and what is fictional are sometimes difficult to discern. As the band say, “truth becomes a mysterious commodity, crafted by a firm that turns out increasingly fraudulent throughout the film.” And the new fashion film perfectly encapsulates this disturbing reality.

From Title Sequence and Open Ears On A Straitjacket Party to Halcyon Days or the aforementioned How To Breathe Underwater, eleven tracks make up this new album, Reality Management Ltd., which was written in 2020 in Berlin and produced in 2021 with Jan Kerscher and takes a try at discussing alternative truths in times of echo chambers and polarisation. This release opens a new chapter in the career of TUYS, who we will be able to see live on many dates during May and June 2023.