Not being afraid to show his emotions with no filters and embracing vulnerability, Tre. Charles is releasing today his highly anticipated debut EP, Currently. The emerging North Carolina singer, songwriter, musician, and producer addresses very important issues in life such as his insecurities, mental health, masculinity, and society's pressures, and he does it honestly so we can recognise ourselves. Making empathy an engine of connection with the audience, this project is more of a journal of where he is right now in his healing process.
“There's strength in vulnerability, but a lot of times, we don't give each other the room we need to be vulnerable or flawed, because it might not be seen as ‘cool,’ and that amplifies the negative narratives, and reinforces old troops that are not helpful to our growth,” says Tre. Charles, who grew up from city to city along America's East Coast while cultivating his own unique sound that cuts across R&B, soul, indie, rock, and pop, while paying homage to his nomadic upbringing of him. On his new four-song EP, Currently., he opens up emotionally more than ever before and sends us a powerful message connected to self-care.

“I think in order to move forward, we need to let go of control,” he adds about this release which highlights these nuances through a lens of vulnerability, with the aim of bringing honesty and insight to the forefront of the conversation, which will hopefully inspire and sustain growth, as he says. This is the result of having learnt how to find in his weaknesses, in his moments of vulnerability or insecurity, a powerful tool that leads to self-knowledge and that he now captures through sound.
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