The Nashville musician, who had moved to Los Angeles to make it big in the industry and then decided to go back to his hometown after the pandemic hit, has just dropped his newest single, which had been dormant and waiting to be released for some time now. Doubt Me is an anthem about self-confidence, vulnerability and living authentically, check out this soulful, powerful R&B song!
Tonyb explains to us the context behind the single, especially when it comes to the move from one city to another: “You have a lot of eyes on you back home and of course there are those people who expect you to fail and aren’t necessarily rooting for you. That combined with struggling to find my stride out in LA the first year, lit a fire inside of me that I’ve never had before. I channelled all of that frustration and pressure into this song.”

Doubt Me is that sultry song with hip-hop undertones that screams confidence and is meant to empower others. In fact, this is the first time that Tonyb openly discusses his experience as a queer person of colour, and this is what he has to say about it: “Even though I've lived honestly within my circle of family/friends for years, itʼs super important to me now to live openly because representation and visibility 100% matter. And, who knows, maybe I could be who someone needs to see right now.”