Tlya X An is focused on making her mark, the Jerusalem born, Bristol bred and UK based artist crafts her sound in the amalgamated styles of hyper pop and dance music, and her journey as a musician has come through finding inspiration everywhere she looks. Her latest EP, TXN which arrived May 28th is difficult to define in its sound, but dances between early 2000s RnB, trap and more deconstructed club sounds.
Her upbringing with two musicians as parents has meant her range of influences is varied, and her innate understanding of production is apparent. Her mark comes through crystal clear on every track, just as it does in her self directed videos. Tlya X An is comfortable delving into her own mind through her creative processes, her lyrics a scrapbook of feelings and experience, distilling her emotions and beliefs in her work. In a period of media consumption that is often very removed from reality, Tlya X An offers a vision of pop music that is not afraid to be personal and strange. Confirmed for the lineup for British festival Dot2Dot, and having toured with art pop group PVA, Tlya X An is finding her footing in the world of indie music, in her own cacophonic and unconventional way.
Hi there Tlya X An, what have you been up to of late?
Hello! I have been releasing new music and videos, performing around the UK and planning a huge EP launch party that we just celebrated last Friday.
Congrats on the new release, how does it feel to have TXN out in the world? How would you define the sound of the record?
Thank you so much, it feels surreal to be honest, not sure I have processed it all yet. Overall I feel great! I myself would struggle to define the sound of the record, but I will define the mood - empowerment.
What has your journey as a musician been like? Who do you look to for inspiration and guidance?
I look everywhere for inspiration, I’m trying to live in the now as much as I can. I go to my loved ones for guidance and write down my thoughts on paper when I need my own advice. So far, my journey as a musician has been extremely rewarding. I feel lucky and grateful to have filled my life with something that I am passionate about. It makes the hard moments endurable and the high moments even more incredible.
Your sound is glitchy testament to hyper pop that feels like it could only be made today. What sort of artist do you think you would be had you been born in a different generation?
I’d like to believe I would be someone who’s pushing boundaries and being brave - Like Miles Davis, Bowie and Prince for example.
Your video for Stuck in Mind is apocalyptic, but also offers the viewer an escape. What went into the production for the video, and how did you come up with the scenes?
Coming up with the concept for the video involved a lot of closed eyes listening on repeat, letting my mind create what I felt is an impactful visual that represents the mood and message of the song, for me. Then getting it down on paper, assessing the budget and making it all fit with what we had to work with.
The production involved a lot of planning. We only had 4 hours to film the whole video as the space was rented and the budget was on the low side, every minute had to be carefully prepared in order for us to get it all filmed successfully and in time. This included: time briefs, scene plans and preparing my team for the day ahead.
Your tracks have been getting airplay on the BBC, which is such a key and exciting step as an artist. Did you grow up listening to the radio? Does it feel strange to hear your own work played live?
I did listen to radio growing up. To be honest, it doesn't feel weird hearing my songs on the radio, it feels like I was always on my way and now we are just finally arriving.
What sort of relationship do you have with performing, and what planning goes into your live production?
The stage feels like home for me. I’m almost surprised by that feeling every time I go on stage but I’m so grateful that this is how it feels for me. So much planning, especially that last show I did at my EP launch, which included dancers, visuals, props and merchandise. We do it all ourselves, so rehearsals, meetings, craft days and To do lists is how it all gets done.
Do you have any dream collaborations, with any artist dead or alive?
From the top of my mind, I would've loved to work with John Lennon.
Stylistically, your clothing offers an exciting edge to your work, do you dress almost as a character or does your style as a performer mimic your everyday apparel?
I definitely allow myself to go all in with my looks as TXN but I pretty much dress the same when I go out or when I am simply feeling inspired that day.
Do you feel pressure as an artist to almost market yourself on social media or does it feel like a useful extension of your work?
I try not to let it pressure me and just do my best at giving my work the shoutout it deserves. I used to be embarrassed or felt like it’s annoying to constantly promote my work, but now I just feel proud and I want to let the world know.
What's next for Tlya X An?
More music, shows, and all that good stuff  plus new understandings and hopefully, an unexpected edge.
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