Full-length albums, several popular singles, a tour across Europe and countless headline dates. And all this in a few short years. Thunder Fox, the band comprising Sam Dawes (lead vocals/guitar), Jesse Tachibana (trumpet/keys), Casey Allen (bass), Max Vallentine (drums) and Travers Keirle (sax), has accomplished a lot in a very short time. Today they are releasing their new single globally, Right Place, Wrong Time, across all streaming platforms. It's an irresistible piece of funkadelia that acts against its better intuition and lets lust take the reins. And what about their goals for the coming months? Taking the UK by storm in 2023 and being the first band to perform on Jupiter soon after.
Right Place, Wrong Time is a tale of the debaucherous internal monologue of a person faced with requited lust in a situation where it'd be best not to act on it,” comments the band's lead vocal, Sam Dawes, when asked about the story behind this new release. Right Place, Wrong Time is loosely based on a true story and takes inspiration from musical genres such as pop, rock, funk, hip-hop and fusion. But always betting on a personal style in which the different members of the project print their personal stamps.
Hailing from Sydney, Thunder Fox now presents a single charged with energy whose chorus you won't be able to get out of your head easily. Having begun to gain serious traction overseas, the Australian-born musical project has independently released two full-length albums alongside a pool of popular standalone singles. And they promise to continue giving a lot to talk about since their fan community continues to grow all over the world. Their latest release, in which components such as sex, swagger and sensitivity meet, proves it.