The much-anticipated series The Idol from HBO, has released its fourth teaser trailer after a series of teasers last year. The new clip provides a sneak peek into the life of the main character, Jocelyn, portrayed by Lily Rose-Depp, who is an upcoming pop star known for her sex appeal. Jocelyn enjoys fame, fortune, and popularity as a result but her latest tour is derailed by a nervous breakdown, leading to negative publicity. Determined to regain her status as a sexy pop idol, she is willing to do whatever it takes, including embarking on a dark romantic affair with the cult leader, Tedros, played by The Weeknd.
In the newly released trailer, viewers get a deeper glimpse into the life of Jocelyn. It features Britney Spears' hit song Gimme More as the background music, which perfectly aligns with the theme of the series about the glamorous yet tumultuous world of pop music. The trailer showcases sultry and glittery scenes of Jocelyn's life, along with other cast members, including Blackpink's Jennie, who plays Jocelyn's fellow idol and acquaintance. The series also features Hank Azaria and Rachel Sennot as Jocelyn's father and sister, Jane Adams as the director of Jocelyn's music videos, and Dan Levy and Hari Nef as members of Jocelyn's entourage. Additionally, Da'Vine Joy Randolph plays a popular soul singer who becomes Jocelyn's confidant and advisor.

The Weeknd and Sam Levinson have collaborated to create the highly anticipated series, The Idol. Levinson, known for his hit but controversial HBO show Euphoria, may have incorporated some elements from his previous work into this new project. However, there have been some controversies surrounding the production of The Idol. The Rolling Stones reported that Levinson rewrote Amy Seimetz's original version of the story without her permission and included graphic violence, mainly involving Jocelyn, before the entire project was scrapped and rewritten. Despite these setbacks, fans are eagerly awaiting the release of The Idol on June 4th on HBO, hoping that it will live up to its hype.
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