An evening of elegance. Bring out the cocktails, set up the floating dinner, and display the exhibitions! The Watermill Center in Water Mill, NY presents the BODY: The Annual Watermill Center Summer Benefit. A centre of interdisciplinary arts and humanities, the Watermill Center hosts this event on Saturday, July 29th from 18h to 22h; in doing so, it aims to emphasise and examine the “body’s role in art making”.
The entire exhibition features work from internationally renowned artists; most pieces were constructed within the Watermill space in the weeks leading up to the evening of the event. It presents exhibits ranging across styles both classical and contemporary and mediums of painting, sculpture, performance, and video.

On top of displaying pieces by Watermill’s summer artists-in-residence Thomas Anderson (United States), Yunseo Choi (Republic of Korea, Germany), Afra Al Dhaheri (United Arab Emirates), and more, the event showcases work by Guatemalan artist Regina José Galindo and Italian artist Alessandro Di Pietro. Galindo’s piece The Body follows her two-decade career in performance art and poetry. Meanwhile, Di Pietro’s Ghostwriting Paul Thek: Time Capsules and Reliquaries explores a reality in which artist Paul Thek did not die prematurely, continuing his work as a ghostwriter, thus prolonging his legacy.

A restaging workshop of Robert Wilson’s Ubu will conclude the evening at Watermill Center. The piece, a commentary against war and totalitarianism. This closer presents a reflection on the inequalities depicted in history as opposed to inequalities still present in modern society and features the summer Artists-in-Residency as performers. Ubu was inspired by Alfred Jarry’s 1896 classic, which was originally on display at the Es Baluard Museum in Palma de Mallorca, Spain.

Mark your calendars. The evening of Saturday, July 29th will be artistically stimulating and socially intriguing.
The Body Watermill 6.jpg
TIME BOMB: The Watermill Center Annual Summer Benefit. 2018. - Anna Papathanasiou “Eat” Photo copyright Laura Brichta.
The Body Watermill 4.jpg
stand: The Watermill Center Annual Summer Benefit & 30th Anniversary Celebration. 2022. - Laurent Le Gall & Antoine Dubois "Walk Until Blindness" with Vilim Poljanec. Photo copyright BFA.
The Body Watermill 5.jpg
NiNi Dongnier "Sun and Moon Have Reached to This Extended Present Moment, The 99 Verbs and Wishes for You My Dear, And to Our Nomadic Life." Photo copyright Maria Baranova-Suzuki.
The Body Watermill 3.jpg
FLY INTO THE SUN: The Watermill Center Annual Summer Benefit. 2017. - Nile Harris “A Monkey on His Back (Love Laboratory)” Photo copyright Lovis Dengler Ostenrik.
The Body Watermill 2.jpg
FLY INTO THE SUN: The Watermill Center Annual Summer Benefit. 2017. - Miles Greenberg “Hands: Giving and Taking Away” Photo copyright Chloé Bellemere.
The Body Watermill 1.jpg
FADA House of Madness: The Watermill Center Annual Summer Benefit. 2016. - Installation by The Bruce High Quality Foundation. Photo copyright Julian Mommert.
The Body Watermill 7.jpg
TIME BOMB: The Watermill Center Annual Summer Benefit. 2018. - Miles Greenberg & Nile Harris “Ev’ry Time” Photo copyright BFA.