After having established itself as an internationally renowned festival and conference to celebrate the design process of film, animation and games since 2017, The Art Department is now finalizing the details of its next edition. Betting on a double call that will take place in Eindhoven on April 20 and 21 and in Berlin on May 13 and 14, the festival will allow us to enjoy talks by leading artists in the sector, free exhibitions, interactive installations, panel discussions and screenings, among many other activities. And you’ll have an educational discount if you’re a student!
The Art Department lets us meet the brilliant minds behind the creation of characters and stories. It’s a meeting point that not only allows us to put faces but also to get to know them in a much more personal way, to know how they think and create those very interesting universes into which people from all over the world enter and are fascinated, ask them questions and share anecdotes and personal experiences with which to know all the ins and outs of a fascinating industry about which not much is known.

Many character designers have already participated in this festival, trusting in the project and claiming the importance of this type of specialized event. From Carter Goodridge (Despicable Me), Loish (Horizon Zero Dawn), Peter De Sève (Ice Age) and Borja Montoro (Moana), to amazing concept artists, VR heroes and world builders like Jama Jurabaev (Ready Player One), FX Goby (Back to the Moon) and Santa Monica Studios (God of War). All of them have taken the stage of The Art Department making this project an essential event for all lovers of the design process of film, animation and games.

This year, for their double date in Eindhoven and Berlin, Curt Enderle, who has worked as a production designer for Guillermo del Toro's Pinocchio, has already confirmed his attendance; also Zeen Chin, who has worked on the RGP game Legend of the Cryptids and the cult phenomenon board game Kingdom of Death, among other projects; Dutch artists Loish (Lois van Baarle) and Iris Compiet; the industry great and character designer James Baxter, and illustrator Djamila Knopf. If you want to know more about the next two calls for The Art Department, click here.
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