As summer approaches, days last longer, and the good weather is just around the corner, all we want to listen to is feel-good songs—yes, those that are uplifting and instantly put you in a good mood. Well, duo The Allergies has just achieved so in One Time, their newest single (out via Jalapeño Records), where they’ve teamed up with legendary Dynamite MC, who won the coveted Mercury Prize back in 1997. Have a listen now!
In 2023, the duo formed by DJ Moneyshot and Rackabeat, better known as The Allergies, released the thirteen-track album Tear the Place Up. And with little time to recover after that, they’re back with new music. Back in April they released Koliko featuring K.O.G, the first single off of their upcoming record, titled Breakthrough and set to see the light of day in September 2024. Today, May 24th, they’re giving us another insight into their next full-length project with One Time, the second single. And we couldn’t be more excited.
With their distinctive, old-school style, The Allergies have crafted a song with a base blending classic hip-hop, groovy melodies, and funk sounds that are overlapped by Dynamite MC’s cold delivery of bars like “Undefeated when I open my mouth.” Indeed, very few can do it like him, so smooth and apparently effortless. As they explain in their bio, “We like breaks, funky basslines, horns, and dancefloor grooves. We’re inspired by the golden eras of funk, soul, disco, and hip-hop, and we try to and cram that into three and a half minutes.” At 3:35 minutes long,  One Time perfectly encapsulates all of these, becoming an instant classic for those who also love that mentioned ‘golden era’.