Thavoron's latest single, My Man (out today via Trailing Twelve Records), transitions away from the portrait of queer sensuality in his previous single, Body, and centers on the disappointments of dating. The indie rock song and accompanying music video are at once melancholic and uplifting, with the artist lamenting, but also embracing, his failed relationships.
In a breathy voice, the Cambodian-American artist observes that his man “don’t try / Don’t get it right” and that “it’s easy being [his] man.” Thavoron shows that the shortcomings of his partner and his inability to leave deeply damage him. In the climax, his vocals are almost entirely drowned out by drums, reflecting the all-consuming nature of one-sided intimacy. The reverberating, repetitive black-and-white visuals couple well with the audio to emphasize the malaise and monotony of an unsatisfying relationship. But My Man isn't just a sad boy song.
The artist describes that in this single, he wanted to “embrace the feeling of ‘yeah, I date men who are pretty terrible for me [...] and I’m working on it.’” Thavoron’s attempt to release himself and reaffirm his values comes through in the chorus: "I don't need him." The reclamation of his power also glimmers in his at-times explosive, robust sound, and in the extensive close-up shots of the artist's face. Indeed, the forest setting and soft-focus video evoke the grounded calm that Thavoron is working to attain. My Man is a multilayered audio and visual experience that simultaneously gives voice to the misery of unreciprocated love and to the empowering journey back to oneself.