After releasing his single and music video Twin Sized Bed which we featured on METAL in this article, Thavoron today presents his sophomore album and short film project, Tommy Loves You. The Seattle-based artist now unveils a striking blend of cathartic indie rock and heartbreaking acoustic folk cast upon explorations of intimate relationships, cultural assimilation, and embracing one's inner child. With this new project, we can get much more information about the vital experiences the 22-year-old singer-songwriter has lived, who takes a widescreen approach to both production and songwriting.
“The people I grew up with know me as ‘Tommy.’ This was a product of me learning cultural assimilation at a very young age, and feeling really embarrassed I didn't have a “normal” name like all of my peers that I grew up with,” replies the promising young singer when asked about the title of his new album, which alludes to Thavoron's middle name by which he was primarily known during his youth as a form of social survivalism. Serving as both an acknowledgement of his growth by him as a person as well as a universal statement on the pitfalls of repressing one's true identity, this new project reaffirms his self-awareness process defined by healing the wounds of the past and empowering himself.

“There have been so many stages in my life and things I've had to learn, and I feel like I wouldn't have been able to do so without the love of my inner child “Tommy” - knowing that he's always rooting me on to chase after my wildest dreams,” adds Thavoron, who besides releasing the seven-track album in which we find singles like 18, Struck or Nervous, he's presenting the accompanying short film, directed by Maddie Ludgate, which visually represents the theme of being caught in a cyclical state. “It’s the experience of being forced to go through the same things over and over again until you learn to choose yourself first.”