Temps de Vacances is the new independent and international publication edited by eighteen-year-old Adrián López. This guy from Galicia has managed to gather, in just one publication, the work of international emerging artists such as Ryan de la Hoz, Renato D'Agostin or Brian Griffin. The first issue, "Les Coleurs", is born in such a natural and spontaneous way as when someone doesn't really know what they are doing, but believes strongly in an idea. Adrián López proves his intuition gift and shows his ability to be surrounded by the best company to back his project –supported by Sami Jalili, editor of Eros Journal, and the tandem Naranjo-Etxeberria in terms of design and art direction. The result is a sort of book to collect photography, artworks, interviews and texts that invites us to get into the depths of a unique world in every page, as if it were a travel journal.
If I say 'Temps de Vacances', what's your answer?
Art, photography, fashion, holidays, sun, rain, love, rebellion, youth. A journal/book on timeless culture from a different and creative approach that intends to foster contemporary art, fashion and literature while raising awareness about young and talented creative minds.
The name is very suggestive, it invites us to enjoy. Was is what you wanted to express with this kind of travel journal?
Exactly! The main theme of the publication is to display different cultures and traditions by suggesting non spacial trips that one can go through by reading each and every page of the journal. This will be emphasized on issue 2. It's a journal to collect photographs, artworks, interviews and texts.
You're only 18 and you're already surrounded by the best professionals. You also publish internationally. How does it feel to be responsible for such a project?
Sharing my creativity, my ideas and my personal vision has always been my ambition. Everything began naturally. It started with getting in touch with the most suitable artists, photographers and writers via email, convincing them about the truthfulness and potential of the project. I have also been very fortunate to count with the unconditional support of my parents and Sami Jalili, editor of Eros Journal. He was in charge of most of the written content and he has believed in the project since the very beginning. I feel very fulfilled and I see a great future ahead as the result of being the founder and the one in charge of this project that is already followed by many. Being so young makes me learn from every meeting, Skype, email or problem. It's my first experience as an entrepreneur, so I guess it's not bad at all (laughs).
It's hard to imagine a seventeen-year-old guy gathering artists from all around the world and launching an international publication. Was there any moment when even you found it hard to believe? Or did you always have a clear mind about what your goal was?
It all started very naturally, I would dare to say improvised. We changed full articles in the last minute and we were bringing up new ideas about how to interview artists we had just found out maybe a few weeks before the deadline. Yes, I must say I always conceived this project to have an international scope and a great success. I won't stop until I get there.
You've studied in the US. What did this experience mean to you and your work?
I studied the last year of my high school diploma in Florida as an exchange student. Rather than helping, it stopped me quite a lot with the project because I was repressed and isolated. It was all via Internet, mostly. Now I'm heading to London to study Fine Arts.
The first issue features work by artists like Ryan de la Hoz, Renato d'Agostin and Brian Griffin. What's the process behind the curation of artists for the upcoming project?
Everything was quite improvised for the first issue. I simply got in touch with any artists I liked without taking into account any connection between one another or the general theme of the issue. This became a way to make Temps de Vacances stand out in the market, making it original, young and interesting.
Why did you pick the tandem Naranjo-Etxeberría? What have they provided to you, on a professional level?
I had been speaking to Diego on Facebook for a while about some pictures he would publish in Cadaqués. I discovered his tandem with Miguel from there, and so I found out the beautiful work they make. Their work just seemed to fit perfectly with the idea I had for the magazine. I have to say they have contributed so much in the project, helping me to shape the idea I was creating and how to present it to the public in a different but commercial way.
Why "Les couleurs"?
The decision on the title for the first issue is a funny anecdote. They recommended to title the first issue at the design studio (Naranjo-Etxeberría), to define the content. Les couleurs came up, we liked the way it sounds and the aesthetics of its grammar. Also, it seemed to be in accordance with the title of the publication. Now I realize that it was so appropriate. There are many diverse colours, just as happens with the content. It is diverse and the pieces are not necessarily related to each other, like a kind of journal.
Is it possible to purchase a hard copy of Temps de Vacances?
Issue 1 is distributed by ilovepaper.co. It will also be soon available at Antenne Publishing. In Spain you can get it at Laie CCCB (Barcelona), La Central (Barcelona and Madrid), Impossible Project (Barcelona), 44Store (Madrid) and Librería Dada (Valencia), among others.
We have been at the Offprint London at Tate Modern Museum and we will probably be selling at the Moma Art Book Fair in New York. Issue 1 will also be available in London and Vancouver.
Can you give us a hint about the upcoming issue?
We are working hard on issue 2. The concept of the publication will be more defined, all content will be exclusive and we will promote young photographers, artists and fashion designers. Africa, Russia, Brazil, Antoni Tàpies, Andréi Tarkovski, Ida Ekblad, David Ostrowski, Julia Wachtel, Alex Mullins and Rory Parnell Mooney… That's a tiny hint. More and better.