New projects, new creative visions and fresh air in the fashion industry that is infinitely appreciated and let us continue dreaming big. September marks the start of a new cycle in the year, the beginning of a new course for many like TAMA TOBY, a brand that should be on your radar as it promises to give much to talk about in the next few months. Unveiling a modern approach to couture footwear, a concept that connects wonderfully with the demands of a generation that seeks quality pieces with unique and different designs, the aesthetic world led by Tamara Toby now opens its doors. Their DROP 001 will be available on September 11 exclusively at Vasquiat!
You just need to take a look at TAMA TOBY's carefully curated selection of shoes to realise that behind this emerging brand lies a mind brimming with creativity, which has travelled all over the world collecting experiences and analysing the strategies of some of the most prestigious and interesting labels on the scene in recent years. The young designer comes from Tel-Aviv, but after having interned with Alexander McQueen and Viktor and Rolf, she is now determined to undertake her own project communicating a way of understanding fashion with very up-to-date codes that defend quality, design and sustainability.
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It is no coincidence that she has teamed up with Vasquiat, the exciting project led by Rafa Blanc, for the official presentation of TAMA TOBY. Starting Monday next week, we’ll find their first product launch, DROP 001, inspired by the connection between the dark and the bright sides of life and the synergy between bold, classic and sensual. “I believe in a world that is real, more original,” says its founder, who for example designed the incredible pair of boots that La Zowi, star of one of the covers of our latest ACERO issue, wore at her concert at Sónar festival. Wild and unique, the immersive universe of TAMA TOBY has managed to get the attention of many people even before its official launch.
For its first release, TAMA TOBY will showcase a twist on the sassy mule with its one-of-a-kind heart-shaped heel, which is perfect for all those who want to express themselves through footwear, an element of clothing that is undoubtedly experiencing one of its best moments after becoming one of the fundamental pillars of many brands and projects in the industry. TAMA TOBY will use a virtual drop system instead of physical running shops, one more example of its adaptation to new consumer habits and the search for a multi-sensory shopping experience.
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We can’t overlook what sets the Barcelona-based project apart from many of its competitors: the materials they use are sourced from high fashion houses, making them limited, luxurious, and unique. A very intelligent decision that is paired with expert craftsmanship, as all the shoes are made by hand and every piece is tailored for the client, emphasising their commitment to reducing waste and betting on the best quality. “The focus is on transparency, creativity, a more mindful approach to fashion, and making the best f*cking shoes on Planet Earth,” we read in their manifesto. A whole declaration of intentions from a brand with a clear vision which, of course, we’ll keep an eye on.
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