Their music evokes places and makes us imagine scenarios in our minds through sound. Sun Atlas take advantage of their creativity and talent to take us on a trip to unknown places as if it were a movie soundtrack. They now present The Mystic Parade, which was first released as a limited vinyl-only single in June 2019 via Mocambo Records. A release that, along with their single Grand Theft, sold out very quickly. And this track they now present is the second in line of their track-by-track full album release.
As if it were the prelude to a great event that is about to happen, their almost epic music is completely detached from trends that many creatives stick to. A free spirit spiced with horns and keyboards, allowing them to create completely recognisable tracks that show their passion for music and their efforts to consolidate their personal style in a scene where authenticity is increasingly valued by the audience. Their single The Mystic Parade is as haunting as it is amazing. It looks like a piece taken from another era but reinvented to fit the 21st century.

“Little is known about the ensemble that is Sun Atlas. It's not certain whether you’d find them in Los Angeles, New York, Addis Ababa, Marrakesh or in outer space. Maybe none, maybe all of the above,” they said when the single was released for the first time in 2019. Statements that perfectly capture the mix they propose, in which we find genres from afrobeats and ethiojazz to cinematic soul or crime jazz. Time will tell what the next chapter in their career is, but there is no doubt that they will continue to be true to their identity.
Sun Atlas 2.jpg