Artist Suhaylah H debuts an electric collection of works that draw on the concept of dreamscapes, an otherworldly take on the traditional genre of landscape painting. With her vast references of classic artists, themes of spirituality, and love of symbolism, Suhaylah evokes a sense of serenity to what may seem an intimidating focus and wows her audience with her interpretations of our earth’s physical and spiritual forms. 
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In collaboration with London’s BWG gallery in Soho, the artist showcases her extraordinary exhibition The Spell, The Plot, & The Ether, on show till October 15th. The exhibition takes viewers through Suhaylah’s great understanding of the relationship between our world as God’s creation, and how it manifests into the physical. Suhaylah, being rooted in her faith, uses a vibrant “spontaneous palette,” as she describes, to reflect the beauty within the unknown. Her use of non-representative colour is symbolic of her intrigue of the sublime within the bridge between the physical and spiritual, and reflects how she envisions this to be.
Walking through the exhibition is alike a spiritual journey in itself as each work acts as a visual serenade towards this concept. Suhaylah succeeds in her intention of creating dreamscapes that highlight “the intimacy of something vast like nature, bringing intimidation as well as comfort” as she explains, which is a concept she also notes is synonymous with the nature of God.
Inspired by motifs from Romantic artists such as Caspar David Friedrich and brushwork techniques from artists like Anna Boberg, Suhaylah’s style remains unique whilst maintaining the same level of technicality seen in more historical works of landscape. As well as the aforementioned artists, Suhaylah also draws inspiration from her surroundings exploring East Anglian terrain ranging from the medieval ruins at Bury St. Edmunds to mossy rocks and reservoirs. Suhaylah’s work in this debut is without a doubt soul-enriching, and this innovative yet enlightening exhibition is not one to be missed. 
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