What would a geeky bookworm do in the neon lights covered streets of Macau, a city also known as the Las Vegas of China? How would all that luxury and decadence influence her ensemble? The Fall/Winter 2018 collection of the endearing brand Steventai explores this idea, clashing its typical quirky take on deconstruction with the glitz and glamour of the big gambling city.
The lookbook follows the Steventai poster girl: cute, nerdy, and dressed in a series of carefully mismatched garments. She enjoys deconstructing her outfits by cutting out and exposing the lining of her jackets and trousers or adding ruffles to her sleeves. This girl steps into the lavish world of poker games and slot machines, causing her wardrobe to evolve into an improvised luxury. The collection is feminine and features rich fabrics such as velvet, corduroy or silk, and is complemented with a touch of effortless irony through its silhouettes, like the stitched together shirting for instance. Captured in gloomy images that compliment the season’s theme, this lookbook will make you eager for the first leaves to turn red, announcing the arrival of autumn.
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