Babe, wake up! Sónar Barcelona en has just announced the first artists for its upcoming 2024 edition. And we couldn’t be happier about them: Jessie Ware, Tommy Cash, Kaytranada, Charlotte de Witte, Floating Points, Folamour, Eliza Rose, Vince Staples, Ben Böhmer… After celebrating its 30th birthday last year (remember those good times here), the festival continues to balance a mix of international and local talent, always with advanced music and technology at its core.
But more than that, this edition also focuses on dancing and getting together on the dance floor. From techno and trance to hip-hop and disco, the first wave of confirmations already oozes an incredible energy. From June 13th to 15th, a wide myriad of artists will bring their unique sounds and blend of styles to both Sónar by Day, Sónar by Night, and Sónar+D – the more technology-driven part of the festival, which has also confirmed some world-renowned artists like Tomás Saraceno and Nicole L’Huillier, and revealed that this year will be focusing on the inextricable relationship between technology and nature putting special emphasis on gaming, AI, the metaverse, blockchain, and more.
As some of the most exciting news, there will be several live acts that are worth waiting for. Starting with Charlotte Witte, who’ll be presenting the show Overdrive; the project Models by Lee Gamble, with choreography by the fantastic Candela Capitán and co-produced with forward-thinking festival Unsound; the impactful The Hakke Show by Gabber Eleganza, which will put everyone to dance over 180 bpm; or Physis by collective Asiandopeboys, a six-hour long, highly visual spectacle. In addition, of course, to the concerts and DJ sets by artists like Horsegiirl, Casisdead, The Martinez Brothers, Héctor Oaks b2b Partiboi69, Kelly Moran, Judeline, pablopablo, Emptyset, Hadren, Bikoko, Eliza Rose b2b Dan Shake b2b Sally C, Kerri Chandler, DJ Gigola, Ki/Ki, Akazie, and more. See you there!
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