As seen in recent months, the war in Ukraine has been devastating, shocking the whole world, but especially Ukrainian people. In these tough times where the rights of citizens have been neglected and erased by unprecedented destruction, every little contribution or assistance is more than necessary and welcomed. The collective Socile created in 2018 with the mission to create a bond between artists from France and Ukraine, is now organising a series of events in support of Ukraine people and its charities. In the exhibition Ranok, some contemporary artists are sharing their perspective, often a harsh one but with a halo of hope, of how they see the world. The exhibition will be on view until 10 June in Montpellier and all benefits will be donated to Ukrainian associations and the participating artists.
A few years ago, French curators Clara-Pétronille Malet and Sonia Gaspard were captivated by the talent of young artists from Ukraine. Later on, they decided to create the Socle collective based in Montpellier and Kyiv, to promote freedom and creativity through art and culture. Since the outbreak of the war, the collective has been an active advocate to help Ukrainian refugee artists and has also organised various events and exhibitions to raise awareness of the situation and the urgency to act.

In the exhibition, located in Montpellier, photography is the medium chosen to display the artists’ perspectives about the world. Through various photographs, collages and digital edits, the public will get to see the constant contrasts, such as empty and almost ghostly spaces, symbols and contrasts of light and darkness along with some pictures that invite the public to think about freedom and even a utopic future. This exhibition is the first of three events in support of Ukrainian charities and all of the team and artists involved. Thus, today Friday, May 13 and Friday, May 20, there will be a charity sale of prints and posters made by a limited selection of 15 photographs by Ukrainian artists, followed by a DJ set and a performance.
Visit the exhibition Ranok until June 10 at 29 ter rue Lakanal, 34090 in Montpellier (France)
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Pavlo Borshchenko
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Pavlo Borshchenko
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Nazar Furyk
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Julie Poly - Vogue Ukraine
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