Simone Rocha has expanded her eponymous womenswear line to include her first fully-formed menswear collection. Officially debuted during London Fashion Week for Spring Summer 2023, Rocha’s menswear range has received outstanding reviews and recognition within the fashion industry. To celebrate the launch of the collection at London’s Dover Street Market – which will reopen its doors on Saturday after undergoing its seasonal changeover in preparation for Spring/Summer 2023 collections and spaces – Rocha has released a special edition Printed Matter and film directed by Rosie Marks.
Featuring unconventional and playful pieces that challenge traditional masculine dress codes, Rocha wants to break down the historic narrative of masculinity in order to break the patriarchal boundaries which govern menswear. “I mean, the Suffragettes were put on trial in that exact room and I think that’s why there was such a sense of urgency coming from the clothes – a need for change, dislodging the masculine, and giving strength to the power of feminine.” she pointed out from her canal-side studio in East London in an interview with Dazed.

Rocha's ethereal menswear includes oversized silhouettes, unique fabrics and textiles, unexpected details, bows and pearl embellishments. Contrasting utilitarian silhouettes, delicate prints, deconstructed corsetry, lace and tulle, Rocha creates modern, wearable pieces that seamlessly blend traditional craftsmanship with avant-garde design elements which explore the naivety of masculinity whilst embodying male fragility and sensitivity through youthful and rebellious garments.
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