Today, February 14, singer-songwriter Sharmond makes a splash on Valentine’s day by releasing his new single, LETTING GO. In his new song, the Louisiana-born and raised artist addresses one of life's most transcendental topics, love, but he does so from a deeper perspective than we're used to. Beyond being the main subject of films with a happy ending and fleeing from all the marketing that is strongly felt on days like these, this raw mid-tempo ballad talks about the struggle that all of us can relate to, which is falling in love.
“Falling in love can be the scariest thing sometimes. It involves allowing someone to see you beyond the mask you put on for the world and trusting them to still love you despite your flaws,” Sharmond comments on the theme that has become the mainstay of his new release, LETTING GO. A part of love relationships that have terrified him for so long, and that he now expresses and shares with his followers in this powerful song that immerses us in the other side of love.

Produced by the Billboard-charting producer Andrew Beckner, the singer is bare his heart for the world to see and he proves unafraid of being vulnerable. Tackling the toxic masculinity and societal standards set for men today, the singer-songwriter defends the free expression of feelings without fearing what others will say. A decision that allows everyone, both artists and listeners, to connect with universal emotions and shared experiences, generating a nice universe of empathy and mutual understanding. There is no better path in music than being faithful to what one feels and conveuing it through this universal language that has no borders.