Through his new single Raised Me, rapper Shadez The Misfit on a wild trip to where he calls home. Having grown up in South London, the artist, who chose to break through the barriers built around him to pursue a path of self-actualisation, continues to share his life experiences and open up to his audience on his new release. Pursuing excellence through his work, his music is characterised by uncompromising honesty and clarity of message, and his continuing journey of evolution is bound to inspire and add value to audiences within the sphere of rap music and beyond.
Having released his mesmerising song South-Side Solace and the provocative standout Random Inner Thoughts, the music and creative artist who aims to push boundaries as a multi-layered artist now unveils his new release, Raised Me. A single turned into a journey through memory lane to South London through the eyes of a misfit, all while maintaining a steadfast optimism for a better future.

As if it were a written diary narrated through sound, the song produced by Mauro Saquitala takes us on his journey to the place where he grew up, South London. But this is just a sneak peek of everything that is to come. The new single comes ahead of the rapper’s forthcoming project South Side Raised Me Father God Changed Me, an audiovisual project that chronicles Shadez’s defining moments and subsequent growth both as an artist and a man. In short, he's immersed in a continuous search to find the perfect format with which to narrate his life experiences, free himself from all kinds of ties and inspire others to follow their own path.
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