At the brink of every new year, a collective wave of gilded hope sweeps through people around the globe as they anticipate the unfolding year ahead. Now, as we usher in the dawn of 2024, we can turn over a golden leaf, and we can all do it together, hand in hand towards the Schiaparelli exhibition, where visions unfold in gold. Think of Schiaparelli and you find yourself in a world of golden nipples, where costume jewellery plays Tetris to create garments of eccentric radicalism. What finer way to set the tone for the year than by stepping into a realm where a hand holds a nose, the nose owns a bird, and the ear, lost in the winds of misunderstanding, has taken its place as the crotch.
This glimmering surreality is part of the 2023 NGV Triennial. While the NGV (National Gallery Of Victoria) may be a bit of a trek for many corners of the world, fret not – we have time. The golden dreams on display will linger until April 7th 2024, and the entrance won’t cost you a dime (just budget for the airfare). The garments set to grace the exhibition are drawn from recent couture collections and perfectly embody the intersection between artistic director Daniel Roseberry’s contemporary vision for the Maison Schiaparelli and the design codes and legacy of founder and namesake Elsa Schiaparelli (1890-1973).
One striking example of this confluence is found in Look 15 from the Transformations Fall/Winter 2019 collection: yards on end of Ella Schiaparelli’s signature colour – hot pink – suspended from large hoop earrings, blending the unearthly with the surreal. Within this exploration of volume and freedom and [a] celebration of the body, we’ll also see a leather bag with a six-pack, cloud-like illusions, and of course, the curious bird-owning nose I alluded to earlier.
The French couture Maison Schiaparelli seems eager to present a selection of eight flawlessly executed and striking garments, designed by artistic director Daniel Roseberry. In expressing their appreciation for NGV, the visionary at the helm of Schiaparelli exclaimed: “Through this exhibition, NGV is championing an inspiring generation of artists and creatives from around the world. It is truly an honour for us to be a part of this moment, and for the Maison Schiaparelli’s body of work to have been included in such a special showcase.”