With the collaboration of Ry Cooder's metallic beats and Johnny Depp’s powerful expression, Jean Baptiste Mondino presents Dior's latest fragrance campaign: Sauvage. The fact Mondino is a well known director for successful fashion campaigns might have helped convincing Depp to travel to the American desert, with no fear at all but determination, in his very first time as the masculine face of the maison.
“I gotta get out of here,” says Depp as he leaves behind the concrete jungle of Los Angeles to head to Joshua Tree National Park, the desert in California. Away of the urban world is where he can look for the authenticity lost in his life and forget about the frivolous and meaningless society that permanently surrounds him. Through a short narrative that brings back to light the concept of ‘search’, Depp ends burying his personal jewelry, charms and trinkets, like a mandatory ritual that immediately would answer all the questions he has. The result is a series of striking images that exacerbate the power of the decision, even when it may seem a little sauvage at first sight.
Mondino’s film will not disappoint Pirates of the Caribbean fans, since the actor has that modern, bohemian twist in every scene, as well as a certain mystery and a rock’n’roll attitude. Depp finds and feels the truth by the sunset light –and in his own words, “it’s magic.”