Exploring the themes of loss, rebirth, freedom and embodiment in her songs, SAUNDIA now releases her new single, Not The Same. This empowering break-up anthem is about the realization that you and the other person are fundamentally different in ways you now know are too important. “And staying in the relationship means not being true to yourself,” adds the singer, who writes and produces her own music. This new single comes after having unveiled The Remembering, which has already twenty thousand streams on Spotify.
Being a child of immigrant refugees, different genres and influences come together in SAUNDIA's sound. From R&B and soul after spending many years singing in contemporary choirs, to singing with jazz bands, as well as gigging all over Los Angeles in a disco/funk band. All of these experiences have shaped the musical vision of the new artist based in the Los Angeles area, whose style is punctuated by rich and layered vocal production that plays with tension and texture. And in this new release, we perceive an almost gospel feel in the choir, which gives it a dose of special energy.

But getting here has not been easy. SAUNDIA has overcome different challenges in recent years thanks to her strength, perseverance and her love for music. Possibly her biggest challenge was the loss of her voice in 2016 due to a serious vocal injury which made her unable to sing for an entire year. A difficult experience that she managed to overcome, which now is reflected in her use of her voice in her music. Because when you love what you do and give your best, everything is possible.
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