Proud of himself and being a lover of his own work, Brooklyn alt R&B and hip-hop artist Saintahmad turns his music into a mesmerising proposal with notes of sensuality, empowerment and self-love. His latest release, Slow, is an ode to connecting with our essence, to the movement of the human body and the celebration of our own identities and personalities. “It’s a stripper anthem that you hear at the club around 2 am when you’re lit and feeling yourself,” says the artist about this new single and music video, in which he recreates a strip club.
“I currently work as a go-go dancer at Q-Club in Hell’s Kitchen New York and It’s my dream job. Every night I’m there I get to feel sexy, make money and entertain the crowd,” explains Saintahmad, who says that he had wanted to express this facet of his life for a long time through his creative work, turning it all into a winning combination with which he shows his reality, in an artistic imaginary free of prejudices and clichés. Filmed in the living room of his apartment, this audiovisual piece follows his debut single It's Just Me and Clouds, a song with which the artist frees himself from the pressures of the pandemic and the concept of his sexuality as it relates to smoking weed.

From his apartment to Miami, where he wrote Clouds while quarantining in the pandemic, Saintahmad captures energy through his music. Letting himself be carried away and experimenting with his artistic proposal, he is clear about his goal. “With every record that I work on I want to touch on the fact that I am multifaceted and capable of so much.” From Tyler the Creator to Frank Ocean, his influences are mixed with a unique personality elevating him to the category of artist.
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