Gore isn't an aesthetic that often infiltrates music, and probably with good reason—it's easier to convey bloodshed and violence with visuals or words than with sound. But Canadian alt-pop star Sadye manages to infuse her latest single, Taste for Blood, with something just a tad grisly.
The artist describes that the song reflects what "love feels like for [her]," which is perhaps disconcerting given its title and the publicity photos of Sadye's wine/blood-stained lips. But behind the vampire mask lies something a bit more emotional and vulnerable. The piece is a kind of catharsis for the singer, as she reckons with and learns to love her literal and figurative scars after a battle with cancer. The song is empowered and free of hang-ups and baggage; the singer has confronted her own struggles and is now ready to help others surmount theirs.
But don't think that Taste for Blood is missing a lighter touch. Sadye isn't weighed down by the serious subject matter and uses fun, funky beats to get her listeners hooked. The beat, instantly gratifying when it drops, keeps us engaged and might even convince us to put the song on loop. And indeed, the single has already been added to coveted Spotify playlists like "Night Pop" and "Obsessed."
The song is guaranteed to suck your blood attention and leave you feeling like a boss, ready to slay your demons with Sadye's help.