Transcending the limits of experimental and mainstream alt-pop, challenging listeners and breathing new life into the genre with otherworldly mystique and an uncompromising vision, Sadye is releasing today her new single, Dark Side. The dark pop riser combines honesty and drama in a track with which she continues to discover self-worth and deal with toxic relationships. She makes music a very powerful tool for self-knowledge while sharing what she feels, thinks or suffers with her fans, having been added to coveted Spotify playlists including Obsessed, IT’S A BOP!, New Pop Picks, Night Pop, and more.
"I was falling in love and I wanted to know everything. Not everyone just rips themselves wide open right away, and having to be patient was healthy but it was killing me," Sadye says on the meaning behind her last single, Dark Side. Writing with depth and heart, often taking on unexpectedly dark and heavy themes, the artist who began as a small-town singer/songwriter continues writing lyrics steeped in a sarcastic form of catharsis as she learns to love her literal, and figurative, scars.

This new enthralling love song is a big step for the creative. “I'm so grateful for every person involved. I wanted to marry sounds that are nostalgic to me and Marky Style and NicoTheOwl made something so wild the first time I heard it in my broken beats I lost my mind," she shared on her social media with her followers just a few hours ago, thanking Jesse Thomas for helping her be the most dramatic version of herself. “And thank you Nicci Funicelli for getting my vocals so snatched! I'm dedicating this record to the cult. Thank you for all your support so early.”