A princess-inspired blue look, with sneakers underneath the excessively long dress, this is what Ronniee wears for FAYE (an abbreviation for Fake And You Exit) is out now, and the title of the song is exactly how we would describe the attitude of this up-and-coming raw British singer.
For Ronniee, FAYE acts as “kind of a salute to those ‘Faye’s’ out there by letting them know we see you.” She is coming out as an empowering female artist who offers an unapologetic point of view in her lyrics. Through emotive vocals and a good sprinkle of honesty, FAYE delves into Ronnie's personal experience. “If an eye roll was a song it’s most definitely FAYE!,” she explains.

This song is personal but, definitely, not exclusive to her own personal experience, “We all have known or know a ‘Faye,’ aka someone who’s a little jealous or attempting to dull your shine.” Fusing elements of unfiltered pop, heart-on-sleeve melodies and witty lyricism, FAYE is the perfect lift from Ronniee’s debut EP So What happened?, due this December. So, if you feel in need of a refreshing, bold new sound, make sure to keep an eye out on her upcoming work.