This Friday a new edition of the Romanian Design Week, the largest event dedicated to the creative-cultural industries in the country, kicks off. From May 12 to 28, Bucharest will become an epicentre of design making Amzei Square, one of the key spaces in the centre of the city with an important history, a meeting point for professionals in the sector, art lovers and people who think out of the box. From architecture to interior design, graphic design, product design, illustration and fashion, more than one hundred and sixty works from six different specializations will be presented to the public in this prominent location in Bucharest, who will have free access to the exhibition.
“This year's edition aims to be an exercise of revitalization of the square and a case study to demonstrate the great potential of this space for the city and its inhabitants alike,” explains Andrei Bortun, CEO of The Institute, when asked about the epicentre of the 11th edition of the Romanian Design Week that is about to start, the Amzei Square. “Keeping its function as an agri-food market, supported by unique cultural content, we want to prove that the market can become a meeting place for representatives of creative industries, but especially for the public, who will rediscover on this occasion a very valuable public space, where they can spend their spare time.”

To the works presented in the Amzei Square, we must add another one hundred events which will take place throughout Bucharest during the festival from May 12 to 28. Taking the theme Connections as a leitmotif for this edition, RDW 2023 investigates and proposes the design as a valuable tool for addressing and solving concerns about how we can connect with each other and how we can create common spaces for dialogue. This is an essential conversation in a world that goes full speed in which adapting to continuous changes is more necessary than ever.

The Romanian Design Week, a project powered by UniCredit Bank, will also be complemented by some interesting formats such as Young Design powered by Diploma, which proposes the perspective of the new generation of Romanian artists; RDW Social, a socialising program within the festival powered by IQOS; the design gallery RDW Market, where Romanian design can be discovered and purchased by visitors; and Creative Corner, consisting of the Circular Catalysts exhibition, the result of collaboration between designers, artists and craftsmen from Romania and Great Britain.

We cannot forget to mention their project RDW Talks, developed in partnership with Black Rhino Radio and presented by UniCredit Bank & The Institute which gives the floor to creative professionals, as well as the UniCredit LAB, a strategic initiative of UniCredit Bank in collaboration with The Institute which proposes an intense program of education through presentations and mentoring sessions. You can find all program details here. Please note that access is free and is based on a prior reservation here or directly at the entrance.
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